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FileTHOB-Microtones.pdf2023-06-30 09:41 1624k
FileSolidac-An Early Minicomputer.pdf2023-06-30 09:41 544k
FileSOLIDAC Order Code.pdf2023-06-30 09:41 92k
[SND]Solidac Music Selection - all.mp32023-06-30 09:41 42180k
FileSOLIDAC Manual Parts 4-5.pdf2023-06-30 09:40 2000k
FileSOLIDAC Manual Parts 1-3.pdf2023-06-30 09:41 1232k
[SND]Solidac Lecture.mp32023-06-30 09:41 41648k
FileDice Waltzes- Gramophone.pdf2023-06-30 09:40 272k
[SND]04 Trumpet Voluntary.mp32023-06-30 09:40 712k
[SND]03 Phil the Flutter.mp32023-06-30 09:40 176k
[SND]02 Harmony Twinkles.mp32023-06-30 09:41 1116k
[SND]01 Twinkle Variations.mp32023-06-30 09:41 3816k
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